City of Yakeshi

The town of Yakeshi

Yakeshi is a county-level city located in the middle of the Hulunbuir district, Inner Mongolia, China.

It has a population of 378 747 inhabitants and an area of 27,590 km². Coordinates: 49°17'6"N, of the Greater Khingan Range.

The city's economy is based on forestry industry, wood products, traditional Chinese medicines, gold, coal, iron, copper, wheat, rapeseed farming, sheep raising and dairy industries.

At the end of 2006 the Swedish company ATM established as first company who works with automotive winter test as a service provider. The company has more than 25 years of experience regarding international automotive business as service provider.

In the beginning of 2008, the automobile industry established their car testing business in Yakeshi. As part of the Electronic Stability Control(ESC)-development for new cars, special prototype cars are tested under winter conditions on frozen lakes and special snow-tracks. The first kind of such test facilities have been set up in the city by the German automobile supplier Robert Bosch GmbH whose development center for the Chinese car market is located in the town of Suzhou in Eastern China.

The city is connected by rail to Harbin and Hailar. The nearest airport is in Hailar.

The original name for the city, Xuguit Qi, came from the Mongolian word for the area. Its name was changed to Yakeshi in 1983 when it was designated a county-level city

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