12, 01, 2015
On November 27th, we had the first customers doing winter test at our tracks. This is the earliest start we have had so far in our operation. Lack of snow this year made it hard for the track preparation, but the steady temperature helped in our own snow and ice-making which is very important. Welcome to a new winter season!
11, 02, 2015
Last week, the Ministry of Business, Labour, Trade and Foreign Affairs of Greenland made a visit to China. As a part of their visit they also took a detour to Yakeshi to have the chance for a visit at ATM's Yun Long Lake Proving Ground.  Since ATM have started up operations in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, The minister Vittus Qujaukitsoq stated that it is very important for them to understand ATM's operation and business more as they will cooperate with ATM in Greenland.
12, 11, 2014
 This year we have full activity on both land and lake tracks since the first week of December. New projects from different automotive brands are done succesfully here at our proving ground.
10, 30, 2014
The temperature is falling, winter is almost here. The season of 2014/15 is soon to begin and the first customers will arrive in about a month's time. The new slope tracks with mµ-condition are already prepared as we are waiting for the snow. Also new for this year amongst other things is our four wheel alignment equipment, some new machinery, upgraded workshops etc.    
04, 14, 2014
The fantastic winter season of 2013/14 has now come to an end. During this winter we have had driving events from Porsche, BMW, Volvo and Michelin setup here at our site in Yakeshi.
04, 02, 2013
Last event out this year on the Yun Long Lake was the driver training event hosted by BMW. Two weeks of sunshine, snow smoke and beautiful cars in great winter conditions here in Yakeshi. Please visit our gallery under the Media section for photos.
02, 05, 2013
For the third year, we were proud to have Porsche here for their Snow Force driving event. Over two weeks of high performance winter driving with 911's, Boxters, Panameras Caymans and Cayennes. New for this year was the special part Snow Force S with more technical elements based on skilled sports cars driving with studded tires. Check out the Media section for photos.
12, 11, 2012
News for this winter is that we now have a new set of buildings and tracks.   A brand new site with its own office for up to 30 people with WLAN connection.    New workshop with car lift, car wash, charging stations for electronic cars.  
04, 05, 2012
For the first time in Asia, the winter edition of Volkswagen R Driving Experience was held at the Yun Long Lake site. With two types of powerful cars, the Golf R and Scirocco R, the customers got to experience the great pleasure of winter driving together with professional and skilled intructors from Germany. This event was going from the 20th of March until the 31th. Pictures can be seen in our Gallery section.