Test Tracks

The winter period in Yakeshi is around 150 days in total. It stretches from the end of October to late March. During this period the temperature is low and steady. This makes the ice on the lake grow very thick, and safe to drive on. In addition, we have a huge area on land for test tracks with the same conditions as on lake. We can also offer µ-split conditions at our slopes, 10, 15 and 20%.

The weather during this period is nice with a lot of sunny days and relatively few snowy and cloudy days. This is the perfect place for winter testing, events and driving experiences.

In addition our tracks, we can in cooperation with nearby Bosch test facility offer µ-split ABS tracks less than 10 km away.


Please notcie that we are keen to make tailor-made tracks upon request from customers. For more detailed information about tracks, please contact us.